Sunday, May 1, 2011

an Interview to get this whole thing started!

A little intro: My name is Ayla Liouzis, I'm a single, bi-sexual girl living in small-town New Hampshire.  I drink socially, don't smoke (cigarettes, at least).  Lately I've been inspired to write a sex/relationship blog so I had a friend interview me for this first post.  Hope you all enjoy it, and as always, please comment!

Q: What type of guys do you usually go for?
A: I go for a lot of rocker/alternative guys.  It depends, though.

Q: It depends how?
A: It depends on their personality.  If they're super cocky then i tend to stay away.  I like the shyer, quiet ones.

Q: So you'd say the more introverted type? Do you also consider yourself an introvert?
A: Sure, I guess you could say that.

Q: In terms of physicality, what kinds of things do you find attractive?
A: Eyes, I'm definitely attracted to eyes.  And usually dark hair, but not always.

Q: You're a pretty tall girl, does height play into your attraction? Have you dated guys shorter than you?
A: Oh definitely. I prefer them to be taller than me, or at least my height.  I don't think I've dated anyone shorter than me.

Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?
A: No. that's what I call 'Lust.'
A: It can be an emotional lust, rather than a physical lust, like the desire to be close to someone.

Q: You talked about what you find attractive in others, what do you find attractive in yourself? What do you think draws others to you?
A: I love my eyes, but i think people notice my hair or boobs first.

Q: You certainly have a lot of boob. What would you say to girls who wish theirs were as... prominent?
A: Meaning girls who wish theirs were as big as mine?
Q: Right.
A: I'd say you're gonna have a hard time finding bathing suits.

Q: You're just coming out of a long term relationship, how does it feel to be single?
A: I feel like I have so much more freedom, and it's nice.

Q: Are you looking at all right now, or just enjoying being single?
A: I feel that you shouldn't 'look' for someone, you should find that one person while you're out enjoying being single. So, in a way, both.

Q: Do you have plans for marriage or kids somewhere down the line? Or just playing it by ear?
A: Maybe someday... way in the future.

Q: Do you have a favorite position?
A: I have a few, I just dont know a lot of names.  I like spooning a lot.

Q: Do you have a clear memory of your best sex ever? Or one that stands out in your mind?
A: Yeah, it was more like a few times though.  Not just one specific time.
Q: Tell me about one.
A: I think we did a bunch of different positions in 30 minutes, starting with him on top.  Then we switched, went to doggie and then I put my legs flat and did sort of a laying down doggie and I must have had like 5 orgasms.
Q: Wow.
A: The only thing good about the ex was the sex (sounds like a weird country song).

Q: How do you usually like it? Rough/Gentle, Slow/Quick?
A: Depends on the mood, I guess.  I like it most ways.  When I'm super horny I kinda like it rougher.  I don't like it to last too long though because I get bored unless it's super, amazingly good sex.  But if I'm just feeling passionate, I like it to be closer and more intimate... and less rough.

Q: Do you have any fetishes?
A: Biting, scratching, hair pulling(lightly) and goth chicks.
A: Oh, and being held down (but not total domination).

Q: Have you ever had any girl on girl experiences?
A: Sadly nothing yet.  The closest I've come is cuddling.

Q: Your top 3 celebrity crushes?
A: Girls: Alissa White-Gluz, Lady Gaga and Brody Dalle.
A: Guys: Colin Farell, Dave Navarro and Alexi Laiho

Q: What is the one thing a prospective suitor should know about you to win (and keep) your heart?
A: I have the personality of a cat... One minute I will want to be snuggled and won't leave you alone, the next minute I'll want to be in complete isolation and may lash out unexpectedly.  I don't want to be treated like some kind of trophy girlfriend, or decoration.  I have strong beliefs in equality, but also enjoy the occasional princess treatments.

Q: Last question, what's your favorite pokémon?
A: Vulpix!  I'm kinda obsessed with foxes.